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(1) You'll need a BGDB "Shero", in other words, a lady or ladies that would take the lead during rides and events. A BGDB Shero steps forward to be the positive, encouraging and inclusive voice and leads the way.  She's got to be in love with cycling and have a strong desire to share her passion for cycling with others. Share your ideas, ask for feedback and be open to new ideas.  Cycling experience and the ability to change a flat tire or LCI certification is a plus. Cycling Newbie? Not a problem as long as what you lack in knowledge you make up for in enthusiasm, knowing your limits but always striving to learn and improve.



(2) RIDE: Organize at least one (no drop, "no woman left behind") BGDB ride p/month or group participation in local rides/events (weather permitting). Rides can be on trails, streets or tracks.  Get a feel for the ladies you are riding with and  determine frequency, distance and location of the rides.

Just ride! It's that simple.


Are you passionate about introducing the joy of cycling to all women, but especially, women and girls of color?
Great!! We are too!!

(3) ENGAGE: Black Girls Do Bike runs on inspiration.  Maintain your BGDB Chapter Facebook group or blog to provide upcoming ride information and post pictures from each ride. Actively engage on the page to answer questions and document rides, workshops, events etc. 




1.)  Does it cost anything to start a BGDB CHAPTER?


No, this is really a grassroots movement. There is no cost to start. All you will need is a bike,  a leg or two, a desire to keep turning those pedals, and to inspire others to do the same.


2.) Can anyone ride with a BGDB CHAPTER?


Yes, we are inclusive. All ladies are welcome on a BGDB ride. Join us. We'd love your support! Our rides are exclusively women only but from time to time we have co-ed rides and we encourage our male supporters to join in on those events.


3.) I do not have a Facebook account. How can I follow BGDB and connect with lady riders in my town?

We have found that Facebook is still the best and most effective way to spread our message and organize ladies around riding bikes together.  At this time it is the only method we are using to connect our community.


4.) There is no BGDB Chapter currently in my area...what do I do?!?


Check back here frequently as we will update this page as new Chapters are formed.  Also send us an email and let us know that there is interest in your area...that way we can focus in the right places.


Consider starting a chapter yourself.  As long as you can lead regular rides, supply a positive/supportive voice and have the ability to update a blog then you are qualified. If this describes you then click the "I want to Start BGDB CHAPTER" link above.


5.) I love, how can I support?


a. The quickest and best way to "Join the Revolution" is to ride.  When you ride and speak to others about cycling, you empower the movement. We'd love for you to tell the world about the work we are doing. 


b. Reach out to your local BGDB chapter to offer time, resources or expertise.  You can also show support by sharing the website with others and engaging with us on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter.

c. If you'd like to support us in a more tangible way please visit our SUPPORT PAGE.


6.) "Love the illustrations on the BGDB website, who is the artist?!?"

An amazing artist by the name of Jack Lewis created all original drawings which were then colorized and adapted for use on  We were privileged that he shared his talent with us as he generally does not do this type of work for the public.  He was enthusiastic about being a part of what BGDB was creating. You can find more of Jack's work here in his Deviant Art Gallery


7.)  Does BGDB have a cycling jersey, I'd love to add one to my collection?


Yes, we do and you can find a variety of BGDB branded jerseys and gear here...





The small print:  Participation in rides is voluntary and up to the discretion of the individual. Please ride safely and obey traffic laws.  Black Girls Do Bike Inc is not liable for any injuries that may occur as a result of joining a group in your city. 



Interested in starting a "Black Girls Do Bike" 
Chapter in your community or on campus??

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