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Fundraising is NOT a requirement, however, individual BGDB chapters who wish to fundraise locally can do so by taking advantage of our national fiscal sponsor PPF


**Please read the full page as there have been revisions to the process as of 1/1/24








1.  Must be an active chapter for at least one year (365 Days).

2. Must sign and return the

     • BGDB Chapter Agreement

3. Startup 

$1000  Initial Bank Account Deposit (or amount of starting grant you've secured)

includes $600  Initial Technology Fee

includes $78 DBA (Doing Business As) Fee 



$1000 Total

4. Accounting will set up a bank account for your specific chapter. You will have a login with view-only access to the account. You will receive a monthly transaction statement 

5. We will then add your chapter's name to the menu on the BGDB donation page for donors to select.

(You must use the BGDB provided link to share with potential donors.)

The Following Fees will be Accessed to Chapter's Donated Funds


Chapter Membership Fee: $0.00

Annual Fundraising Administration Fee: $0 (waived)

Annual Technology Fee:  $600.0000


PPF Management Fee:  6% of all deposits 

BGDB Management Fee: 3% of all deposits

Transaction Fees:   Paper Check Deposits - 0%

                                Electronic Check / ACH Deposits - 1%

                                Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) Deposits - 2.4%

                                Credit Cards (Amex) Deposits - 3%

6.  Sheroes/ Fund Advisors can retrieve donated funds by

 a.) Submitting a vendor invoice online for payment via check or ACH bank deposit.

 b.) Submitting the online form for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses solely related to the charitable purposes of the BGDB chapter.

(detailed receipts are required for all reimbursements or an invoice marked paid.  Reimbursement will not be processed off credit card or bank statements.)

7.  Invoices/Reimbursements/Grant Payments are processed weekly on Wednesday.  The cut-off for Wednesday payments is submission by the Tuesday prior at 11:59am. 

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